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The Sky Is Open.

Voices From Ukraine

“The Sky Is Open. Voices From Ukraine” is an archive of works created after February 24, 2022, by artists from Ukraine. On that day, Russia attacked Ukraine again – a full-scale war began, with the aim of completely destroying Ukraine’s statehood, erasing the country’s name from the world map.

Some artists have left Ukraine, especially women, mothers with children, but many have stayed and do not plan to leave because they know it is still their place. They face problems and fear – their lives are under constant threat, rockets and bomb drones can reach anywhere, including places that have no military significance. Despite this, they want to stay in the country while it is in danger – many of them help refugees and internally displaced people, rebuild destroyed homes, organise activities for refugee children. But they also create artworks that bear witness to a time of war.

We are committed to presenting work that is being created in a situation that most of us have never experienced.  We are aware that the art that is created now, regardless of what the individual works represent, is a document of that time. We want this site to become a collection of such testimonies.

The website has an open character. We want to develop the project and invite more people to present their works. The next step will be to organize exhibitions of these works in physical spaces.