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Artist’s Bio

Davyd Chychkan (born in 1986) is a Kyiv-based artist who has consistently been developing a critical approach in art, turning his own artistic practice into an instrument for transformation of the society. He mainly works with such media as graphics, painting, street-art and performance. Among his personal projects are “Ribbons and Triangles” (Lviv Municipal Art Centre, Lviv, 2022), “Alternative Hryvnia” (Artsvit, Dnipro, 2021), “Portraits that Speak” (Bereznitsky Art Foundation, Kyiv, 2020), “The Lost Opportunity” (Visual Cultural Research Centre, Kyiv, 2017), and “During the War” (Artsvit, Dnipro, 2016). Recently, Davyd Chychkan has participated in several international projects, among which were exhibitions “Between Fire and Fire: Ukrainian Art Now” (Vienna, Austria, 2019), “Biennale Warszawa” (Warsaw, Poland, 2018), “Permanent revolution” (Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest, 2018), “The Kyiv International – Kyiv Biennial 2017” (Visual Cultural Research Centre, Kyiv, 2017), “5th Odesa Biennale of Contemporary Art” (Museum of Modern Art, Odesa, 2017).

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