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Artist’s Bio

Denis Pankratov (born in 1988 in Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine) is an artist, researcher, and curator. He is engaged in cultural and social activities in Khmelnytskyi, Kyiv and Lviv. Pankratov is a co-founder (2015) and co-creator of Method Fund research and art seminars. He is a curator of exhibition projects and practical seminars such as “Disappointing Things” (2015), “Museum. Foundation” and “Bread. Social Realism” (2016) at the Khmelnytskyi Art Museum. He presented solo exhibitions at the National Art Museum of Ukraine (2018), Museum of Terror Territory (2020, Lviv). Since 2021, he has co-founded a private exhibition space “Mizhkomnatnyi Prostir”, Lviv, and since 2022, an educational programme on the theory and practice of contemporary art “Prospani istoriji”, with the support of the Lviv City Art Centre. Since 2019, he has lived and worked in Lviv, where he conducts research on labour relations in the interwar period, women’s history and the inter-ethnic history of Lviv and Western Ukraine.

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