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Artist’s Bio

Katya Libkind – born in 1991 in Vladivostok, she spent her childhood and youth in Mykolaiv. Ukrainian artist, set designer, and co-founder of atelienormalno, a workshop studio for artists with and without Down syndrome. The artist lives and works in Kyiv. Katya graduated from the Kyiv National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Faculty of Scenography, and was a member of the Montage group. She has created set designs for music performances and plays. Her main mediums are graphics, installation, and video. In her practice, Katya turns to deep introspection and contemplation of her environment. Her works are based on proceduralism, radical sincerity, and direct emotional experience. In them, she raises questions of personal and social boundaries and attitudes, as well as normalcy and beauty. Her works are often inspired by contradictions, doubts, and intuition. The artist’s additional source of exploration is the realm of dreams.

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